Eccentricity within Uniformity
A collection of modular garment components

While our society encourages individuality, the reality is so many of us live, eat, work and dress in the same way. A juxtaposition of seeming individuality with visual uniformity due to widespread mass production. Uniformity is much more prevalent in society than we may think or want to believe.

I am embracing these cultural contrasts and twisting them into a clothing system that encourages eccentricity within uniformity.

I have explored this theme based on my personal experience and fascination with uniform. I spent half of my life - eleven years wearing a school uniform. What can seem forced or restricting for some turned out to be a positive experience for me. I felt drawn to these rules which also brought a heightened sense of community. I have investigated how I can integrate a uniform into everyday life; garments without rules.

The collection is made up of four consistent shapes shown in fabrics that both reference uniform: plain crisp cottons in blues and whites, rigid navy blues, a static beige. Alongside opposing fabrics that highlight the contrast between uniformity and individuality: dark and lightened denims, liquid silks, bold embroidery. Each component its own character. The pieces are connected through a constant system of buttons and button holes. This allows for each component to be worn anywhere with any other piece.

Photography: Isabelle Mauduit
Styling: Sia Hurtigkarl Degel